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Why Need Choose for SEO Services?

The SEO team is very professional and is always up to date with popular search engines norms. While drafting a plan for you, they also keep your internet marketing budget in mind. The reporting system of the SEO team is also very professional and transparent. All the keywords are listed along with their present day ranking and sent to you on a monthly basis, for your selected geography.

How SEO Works?

SEO is a slow process and it may take weeks or months for your keyword to show up in ranking. If your business requires urgency, the SEO team may develop a plant that can be a amalgamation of organic and inorganic promotion activates. The team may suggest you to go for SEO and paid marketing in tandem to increase immediate visibility. The budget for paid marketing is designed to diminish over the weeks as your keywords show up in the search engine ranking, organically.

The SEO process in details:

The SEO packages are design indigenously, to fit into your budget. The prices may differ based on the quantity of targeted keywords, targeted geographies, demographic you have selected and amount of promotion (blogging/ submissions) that may be required for SEO.

Website Analysis

The first and the foremost step is to do a detailed analysis of your website. To say in other words, your present website is looked at from the perspective of not having any broken links, HTML integrity (specific tags like H1 H2 tags, optimization of HTML, text to HTML ratio), checking for missing essential files required by specific search engines like Google and Bing, checking of meta tags (that are normally read by search engines), checking the website speed on desktop and on mobile, checking of crawling history, checking of integrated analytical tools like Google Analytics etc.

Client Requirement

A business analyst usually follows to see the business requirements. S/he will ask you the specific purpose that you would like to achieve from your website along with geographies you want to target. You may come up with your lead generation preferences (though form submissions, or calls) during your discussion.

Keyword Research

On knowing the specific loopholes of your website and learning the exact business requirements, the next step will be to choose the keywords most relevant to your business. Our research team will help choose the keywords that are most searched for and are least competitive. This is the key to your success online. The keyword, searches and their competitiveness usually changes with time and choice of targeted geographies. This activity has to be done periodically for your website.

Content Writing

Content has now become the key differentiator for a website success. With search engines like Google and Bing still struggling to read images/ graphics and animation, the present day algorithm takes keen note on relevance and originality of content. After the keywords are finalized by our research team and approved by business, they become the basis to write/ re-write (edit) the content of the website. The content is written/ edited by a qualified in house content writer specialized in your domain. Before publishing any content, it is checked with online plagiarism tools.

Website Optimization

With the updated content in place and keywords selected, the website is re-edited and optimized. All loopholes found in the phase of “Website Analysis” are fixed now. This process does not change the look-n-feel of the website much. On the contrary, it makes a fresh website available in accord to the latest guidelines given by the search engines.

SEO Submission

The edited and optimized website is now ready to be submitted to the search engines. All major search engines like Google and Bing are informed about the website and an invitation is sent to them to crawl it. The crawling is done usually within a few hours or it may take a few days, depending on the search engine. The search engine finds out the latest on your website and indexes them based on keywords.

Link Building

This step is to increase the links refereeing to your website. Over the years, most to the search engines have become very cautious about “who is referring you”. Usually, your website and its rank benefits from referrer links having high credibility and relevancy. This is a slow process and may take months.

SEO Reporting

All the above without having a mechanism to measure the progress is useless. We generate a keyword based retrospective report that tracks the keyword performance since the SEO activities had begun. The SEO report will clearly detail out the ranking of individual keyword on various search engines based on geographies (like google.ca) or your preference (like Bing.com).

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