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In this thread I want to share some sites that are quite useful in searching for backlinks instantly, by simply entering the URL, you can get mass backlinks to hundreds, this backlink is very good to use for new blogs or web because by using this copy our website will easier to index in search engines.
Here is a site to search for backlinks instantly

1. Seo Small tools

seo small tools is a site that provides many feature services for SEO purposes such as PR checks, backlink checks, link tracer, check page speed etc. other than that small tools also provide backlink maker services, which are making instant backling for your website, you are only enough to enter a domain name.
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2. IMTALK website submiter

Imtalk is a site that provides a lot of SEO tools from social bookmarking, mass pinging, and website submitters. to use this service you simply enter your keyword and domain name. besides that you can also determine the backlink you want from 250 backlinks to 1500 backlinks.
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3. Add ME

Add me is a Seo company but they provide instant backlinks for you up to 1000 backlinks once submit.
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4. Indexkings

indexing is an instant backlink provider site, one of the advantages of indexking is that we can create 3 website backlinks at once submit.
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